Cli-Cha, Clifford Chance Award 2019

The first meeting I had with Nigel, took me to an imaginary world where the connection between clients and employees introduced and then portrayed social experiences. These experiences were then presented, transformed and consumed to depict “connectivity”. This mysterious "connectivity" is what has driven Cli-Cha and my artistic practice for years. Can color portray this mysterious connectivity? That is the challenge I had to face.

I made an imagined deconstruction of extraordinary building of Clifford Chance and the exciting life of this company. Then, I started experimenting with ideas. The imagined deconstruction made me meet with this humble and important steel rod. This is the internal reinforcement of this impressive million square feet of offices. This reinforcement and support is what Cli-cha portrays. By inviting visitors to wonder about how simple materials can become strong solutions, we can inquire to ourselves about new patterns of innovation. Question such as these were used as a metaphor for the outcomes here at Clifford Chance. The intriguing shapes are achieved by the welding technique and embellished by bright colours, giving a voice from my culture. The entire rod acts as a transition from a manageable situation through confrontation and then resolution, which means that the rod is smooth and then knotted and then smooth again. The vertical shapes and lines draw the view of the audience, making them travel around the sculpture and transporting them to the realm of poetry. Clients make a journey in which they endeavor to transform their problems into solutions. Clifford Chance’s experience here plays a fundamental role in understanding this journey with Mathew Layton, Global managing partner, saying: “We understand the areas that are most critical to them, and we continue to make sure that this is where our focus and investment lies, so right across Clifford Chance our shared mission is always to deliver creative solutions and the our commercial outcomes for our all clients”.